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Winning the battle against Pastoral 'Burnout'

Exhausted?  Discouraged?  Feeling like your ministry doesn't matter?  I understand you.  I know what it is to spend yourself in service only to feel 'it is all for naught.'  For some, these feelings pass rather quickly - a card in the mail, an invite to lunch or a golf outing is all it takes to ward off  the impending 'doom' the minister often feels.  For others, despair is like an old friend that shows up every Monday with questions that seem more like accusations- "How'd it go yesterday?  Too bad no one got saved yesterday. Wonder why so many missed?  Maybe your best days are behind you?"
What should we do to stave off ministry doldrums?
Re-Center yourself - Are you spending time in God's Word like you ought (and I'm not referring to sermon prep)? Have you opened your heart to the Lord and quieted yourself in Him? 1 Samuel 30 shows the importance of the man of God 'encouraging himself in the Lord.' God will probe you, like He did in 1…