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When your car isn't running properly you take it to a mechanic who has an electronic gizmo that reads your car's computer and diagnoses the problem(s).  Sometimes fixes are relatively simple - a new set of plugs, replacing a bad sensor... other times, problems are much more significant and require greater investment (or trade in :) )

Effective pastoring requires a great amount of diagnostics as well.  Blessed is the man who is able to get to the root of problems quickly and knows how to 'fix' them.  Here are a few 'trouble-shooting' tips from a pastor with a lot of "grease" under his nails:

If your church is experiencing disunity... try getting them to focus outside themselves.  Churches will devour themselves when they are (1) in a pattern of decline or (2) have no vision beyond themselves. For decline, establish attainable goals for your church.  If you average 60 worshipers on Sunday, have a campaign to hit 90 or 100 on a special day.  Say what you…