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Can Free Will Baptist Churches Grow? p. 2

“So how do we do it?”  I gave a few reasons why SOME Free Will Baptist churches cannot grow in the previous blog.  To keep from being characterized as a “negative-ninny,” here are a few things to remember about church growth:

1.  This isn’t about you.  Paul explained this principle to the Corinthians, when he said, “I planted, Apollos watered, but GOD giveth the increase.”  While trials and difficulties certainly threaten our progress, ego and success are the greatest dangers we face. Stop taking credit for what God has allowed you to do.  You are working in HIS vineyard. Just because you have learned a few techniques (from others, I might add) that have afforded you more opportunities than others, doesn’t mean that you are somehow “the cause” of growth.  Quit focusing on promoting yourself.  It isn’t attractive.

2.  God blesses the things that honor Him.  Can we all agree that growth-by-goldfish-swallowing isn't Biblical?  I mean, come on??  What are some of the things God blesses?…

Can Free Will Baptist Churches Grow? p. 1

As a denomination, Free Will Baptists are blessed with several growing congregations.  If you were to study those churches, it would be difficult to determine why some are growing and others are not.  Not all growing churches are blessed with a great location, superior facilities, or an uber-talented staff.  Some are traditional.  Most are VERY conservative. Why do SOME grow and others do not??

1.  Some Free Will Baptist Churches will never grow because they are unwilling to do what is necessary to grow.  Growth takes work.  It requires vision and strategy.  But more than anything, it requires a congregation to take ownership of the calling of God upon His people to evangelize.  Most of our churches are convinced that they are "one home-run-hire away" from growth - "one building away" - "one program away" from catching aflame.  They have no idea that growth comes at great personal cost.  A church must WANT to grow enough to get involved in the process.  As…