Developing the Leaders around you

Good leaders aren't just a steady hand in an hour of crisis - they are constantly on the search for potential leaders they can pull into their circle and develop.  Every pastor should have a leadership team through which he runs the business of the church.  What are the benefits to such a team?

1) It will give you an opportunity to share your vision with those who are most likely to help it become reality.  Face it - you can do very little without the help of others.

2) It will foster a spirit of transparency and unity.  Sometimes people are guilty of "leading from behind."  They have a misinformed opinion about where the church is headed or how decisions are made.  Bringing others into the decision making process will quell some of the squawking that breeds division.

3) It will develop in your leaders the importance of teamwork and group-think.  Have you ever thought that some of the "freelancing" people do in church life may be caused by the way they perceive their pastor and how the pastor works?

4) It will improve your ideas.  Solomon tells us there is "safety" in a multitude of counselors.  If you surround yourself with people who have the freedom to express themselves without fear of harsh criticism, you will have some of your bad ideas culled and some of your good ideas improved upon. Just this Sunday afternoon I had a leadership team meeting and one of my leaders offered insight I had not even considered.  Through that insight, we were able to improve an idea.

5) It will give people a sense of purpose and a greater desire to be a part of the work of the church. We have some very talented people whose gifts are being wasted in the Lord's work.  There are people God has gifted who could be an incredible blessing to the church if invited to serve.

6) Another seldom discussed benefit to this concept of leadership is that people will give more when they take ownership of the work.

Why wouldn't you WANT others helping you carry the burden of leadership?  Are you afraid it will be a sign of weakness or that others might see it as a defect in you?  A fool calls it "weakness."  I call it "wisdom."


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