Rogue Leaders

Rogue leaders... no matter how "cool" it may sound, being rogue is anything BUT cool.  Chafed by convention, these self-willed men behave as if they are above accountability... that God speaks to them and uses them in ways no one else could understand, and therefore, dare not question. What are some of the common characteristics of rogue leaders?

1.  The Rogue Leader surrounds himself with "Yes men."  Though scripture says there is "safety in a multitude of counselors," the rogue leader has fallen into the trap of Rehoboam - wanting advisers who always agree with him - who never challenge or question. Constructive criticism is always perceived as a personal attack.  Those who differ with them are quickly marginalized and ostracized. 

2.  The Rogue Leader is driven by ego rather than integrity.  He listens to the wrong people. Those who stroke him are those he values.

3.  The Rogue Leader uses the well-crafted apology as if it were a magic-wand.  He would rather ask for forgiveness than permission.  When enough people see his wrong, he expects grace without repentance.  When people seem slow to trust his new-found change of heart, he quickly resorts to personal attacks or invites them to leave.

4.  The Rogue Leader uses people for his own selfish gain - and when they no longer satisfy his needs, he discards them.

I know a rogue leader. Sadly, he has gifts and abilities God would bless and use,  but because he is so self-willed, he is blind to the carnage in his wake.  As I watch him destroy people, I must remember how I too have been that man.  I thank God for showing me my rogue ways and pray everyday I will never be that man again.

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