Quiet Time - You need one

Since preachers write studies and sermons each week, we are tempted to forgo a daily devotional life. "It isn't like we aren't in the Word..." but it is important that we find nourishment too - beyond the typical wrestling with a text for others.  We NEED the discipline of a daily quiet time.  What's more, we need the intimacy of it.

Don't fall into the trap of reading the Bible as a textbook.  At the risk of sounding hokey, allow the Word to wash over you.  Invite God to change your thinking.  Ask Him to use His Word to shape you into the image of Christ.  Even ask Him to help you LOVE His Word.

What are the benefits?  A brilliant restfulness in the knowledge of God, His Will, and purposes.  As you confide in God (through prayer) you will find it less important to confide in man.  Your heart will change as God slowly and yet methodically transforms your mind.  You will better minister God's truth to others too - for the insight we need for life is only found in the wisdom of God. Peace... patience... mercy and grace all grow in the heart where the seed of God's Word is sown.

Set a time.  Do it.  And watch your heart change!

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