Objectives of a Men's Ministry

KEY... KEY in a growing church are the men.  To build a stronger, healthier church, you MUST be a builder of men.  What are some basics goals we should have for men's ministry?  You need to:

1.  Pull men IN - In your circle of influence - get involved in their lives.  Surround yourself with men at different stages of growth
2.  Lift men UP - Through mentoring - through teaching - through modeling the Spiritual Man they ought to admire and aspire to
3.  Push men OUT - Men are doers... effective leading of men equips and releases them to serve. You need to give them something to do - you need to trust them to do it sufficiently - and when they don't, don't blow a gasket.  They will learn.

You will never grow a church without men.  Be the man God has called YOU to be and they will naturally gravitate to you

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