Monday, November 10, 2014

My first Missions Conference as a missionary

I just got home from my first missions conference as a missionary, and here are my findings:

1) I would never make a living as a trucker.  I logged 2,000 miles this week and I am exhausted

2) We have some of the best people in our denomination I have ever met.  Kind.  Hospitable.  Eager to pray and encourage.  This association raised 40,000 dollars for missions through this effort - simply amazing.  Pastors are doing a good job teaching their people to take ownership of the Great Commission.  I was honored to be among such fine folks

3) We have some great young men and women answering the call to missions.  It was such a blessing to be on the platform with my son-in-law.  I look forward to hearing of all the lives touched through his ministry.

5) The State of Missouri is blessed with wonderful FWB leaders who possess a deep passion for souls.  Frank Webster is a constant source of encouragement.  I appreciate the cooperative spirit of the pastors... the forward thinking of the Missions Board... and leadership in local associations who keep missions on the minds of their members.

5) Above all, I realize more and more how Great is our God!  He refreshed me with fellowship... provided for my needs through God's people... protected me in all my travels... gave me good health and a passion to preach... and a supportive wife and family who lift me up in prayer while I am away.

God is better to me than I deserve...